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Australian Undergraduate Business Programs

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  • Griffith University Business School
  • James Cook University Business School
  • Macquarie University Business School
  • Monash University Business School
  • University of Melbourne Business School
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  • University of Sydney Business School

University of Melbourne Undergraduate Business Degrees

The Faculty of Business and Economics at the University of Melbourne is considered the leading business and economics faculty in Australia. The Melbourne Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) is a pathway to a professional career in almost any country in the world, in many areas of business, government or the not-for-profit sector. The BCom is also a springboard to further professional studies including law, engineering or forest ecosystem science. Research studies in commerce, leading to a PhD, are also available to BCom graduates.

The Bachelor of Commerce is three-year degree which equips graduates with the knowledge and technical skills necessary to understand and participate in the modern business world. The course also prepares students for subsequent graduate studies and allows them to achieve the highest level of success in their professional careers.

The Bachelor of Commerce provides a solid foundation in economics, quantitative methods and organizational behaviour. The structure of the course requires students to study compulsory and elective subjects from the core program. These determine a student's major field of study.

University of Melbourne Bachelor of Commerce students graduate with knowledge based on a foundation of economics, quantitative methods and organizational behaviour. They build professional capabilities through specialized study options, including accounting, actuarial studies, economics, finance, management and marketing.

University of Melbourne Commerce Program
Bachelor of Commerce
- Majors: Accounting, Actuarial Studies, Business, Economics, Finance, Management and Marketing

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