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Around 24% of Australia's residents were born overseas.

Australian Student visa information

To study in Australia, you must obtain a student visa from the Australian Government (Department of Immigration and Citizenship).

Note: You cannot apply for your Australian student visa until four months (124 days) before your program’s start date. OzTREKK recommends that, if possible, you apply for your student visa at least eight weeks prior to your departure date.

At OzTREKK’s pre-departure seminar each October, an Australian High Commission representative gives a presentation with in-depth information about applying for an Australian student visa. At other OzTREKK pre-departure sessions, OzTREKK staff present information on the visa application process.

When you submit your university application to OzTREKK, you’ll get exclusive access to an overview of the student visa application process, including Australian Government classification of students from Canada and panel doctor information for health examinations, from OzTREKK’s online Pre-departure and Admissions Centre.

“I would highly recommend OzTREKK to anyone wishing to study in Australia. In fact I think it would be stupid not to use the resources that this team has to offer.”
Michael Adams,
James Cook University student
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