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OzTREKK Scholarships

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OzTREKK provides a scholarship to each student who studies at one of our Australian universities.

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The OzTREKK Scholarship was created because we know every little bit helps! Every student who applies (and accepts) via OzTREKK and commences his/her studies at an OzTREKK Australian university will receive a $500 scholarship from OzTREKK.

How much?

Each OzTREKK student who qualifies for an OzTREKK Scholarship will receive one $500 scholarship during the first year of study. The OzTREKK Scholarship will be paid directly toward your Australian university tuition.

How do I qualify?

To obtain an OzTREKK Scholarship, you must

1. submit your Australian university application directly to the OzTREKK office; and
2. accept your Australian university program offer through OzTREKK; and
3. commence your Australian university program during the 2015 or 2016 academic year.

That's it?!

Yes! No essays, no reference letters, no additional applications to complete and no fine print. It's that easy.
Please refer to the FAQs section below for further details.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. How many OzTREKK Scholarships are available?
A. There are an unlimited number of OzTREKK Scholarships available for OzTREKK students who commence studies in the 2015 or 2016 academic year. All OzTREKK students who meet the criteria outlined above will receive a $500 OzTREKK Scholarship.

Q. When is the OzTREKK Scholarship paid?
A. The OzTREKK Scholarship is paid in June for Semester 1 students, and in October for Semester 2 and 3 students.

Q. How is the OzTREKK Scholarship paid?
A. Each OzTREKK Scholarship will be paid directly to the OzTREKK student's Australian university tuition account.

Q. To which Australian universities can I apply?
A. You can apply to any one of the universities which OzTREKK represents:

Bond University
Griffith University
James Cook University
Macquarie University
Monash University
University of Melbourne
University of Newcastle
University of Queensland
University of Sydney

Q. What happens if I apply directly to one of those universities. Do I still qualify for an OzTREKK Scholarship?
A. Unfortunately, no. In order to qualify for an OzTREKK Scholarship, you must submit your Australian university application directly to the OzTREKK office for one of the above universities.

Q. Can I apply to any program of study to qualify for an OzTREKK Scholarship?
A. Yes, OzTREKK Scholarships are available at all OzTREKK universities and across all programs. They are for OzTREKK students interested in professional programs such as pharmacy, physiotherapy, medicine, teacher education, veterinary science; in graduate programs such as a master's or PhD, in undergraduate degrees or study abroad semesters.

Q. For which academic year and intake are the OzTREKK Scholarships available?
A. OzTREKK Scholarships are currently available to all those students who will commence their studies in Australia in 2015 or 2016.

Q. Are there any additional application forms that I need to complete to be eligible for an OzTREKK Scholarship?
A. No, there are no additional forms that you need to complete. The process is extremely simple: When you submit your Australian university application directly to OzTREKK, you automatically qualify for the OzTREKK Scholarship. Then you submit your acceptance directly to OzTREKK, and shortly after the census date at your Australian university, OzTREKK will arrange to have your $500 OzTREKK Scholarship deposited directly into your university tuition account.

Q. How will I know when my OzTREKK Scholarship is deposited into my tuition account at my Australian university?
A. You will receive an e-mail from OzTREKK once your OzTREKK Scholarship payment has been deposited into your tuition account. You will then be able to check your student tuition account to verify that the OzTREKK Scholarship has been paid.

Q. How much is each student's OzTREKK Scholarship?
A. Each OzTREKK Scholarship is $500 per OzTREKK student. This amount will be deposited into your tuition account at your Australian university.

Q. Is the OzTREKK Scholarship available only for Canadian students?
A. No. The OzTREKK Scholarship is open to all OzTREKK students, regardless of their country of origin.

Q. Are there any other scholarships available to study in Australia?
A. Yes, all the Australian universities offer scholarships to international students; however, the scholarships through Australian universities are limited and are quite competitive. Once you have applied via OzTREKK, you will receive resources which will provide you with more information about scholarships offered through Australian universities.

Q. Is the OzTREKK Scholarship available to online or distance programs offered at Australian universities?
A. No. In order to receive the OzTREKK Scholarship you must apply to and accept a full-time program offered on campus at one of the above Australian universities.

If you have any further questions regarding OzTREKK Scholarships, please feel free to contact our office: 1-866-698-7355 (toll free) or info@oztrekk.com.

“I would most definitely recommend OzTREKK. It was as if I had a best friend who had already gone and done everything, and always knew exactly what to do.”
Keith Helson
Bond University Postgraduate Diploma of Education student
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