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OzTREKK Scholarships

Welcome to the OzTREKK Scholarships page! We haven't yet finalised the timeline and details for 2017, but please check back frequently as we will post the updated info here as soon as possible!

OzTREKK Events

Congratulations to our three 2016 OzTREKK Community Leaders Scholarship winners:

Jannelle Chisholm, Bond University, Juris Doctor
Sharon Yeung, University of Sydney, Master of Occupational Therapy
Barinder Khehra, University of Sydney, Doctor of Medicine

If you missed it, we announced our winners December 16, 2016 via our Facebook page!

Best wishes to all our OzTREKK students—we know you'll make a difference!

What kind of student are you?

We know that the "OzTREKK student" is not a "regular student." OzTREKK students are intelligent, tenacious, and courageous. They tend to think outside the box, and ask What if?

What if I studied in another country... on the other side of the globe?

What if I studied at one of the top universities in the world?

What if I could make a difference in others' lives?

What if I could change my life because I chose to study in Australia?

Studying abroad is huge financial investment, and the whole OzTREKK team would like to show our support by offering three scholarships to those students who embody the OzTREKK vision: passion for their chosen career and the courage to go after it! We applaud students who refuse to give up on their dreams!

We want to get you from here ... to there!

The OzTREKK Community Leaders Scholarships were created to assist students who have demonstrated leadership, compassion, and innovation in their communities. We feel it is important to support Canada's future professionals! Regardless of your program of interest, all OzTREKK applicants are welcome to apply.

We believe in supporting our community, and we want to reward like-minded students.

The OzTREKK Community Leaders Scholarships are our way of saying Good on ya!

We support you, the OzTREKK student, because you represent Canada's future!

OzTREKK Community Leaders Scholarships

How much are the scholarships worth?

There are three OzTREKK Community Leaders Scholarships available to qualified applicants:

1. $10,000
2. $8,000
3. $7,000

Who may apply for an OzTREKK Community Leaders Scholarship?

All OzTREKK students are eligible to apply, regardless of their program of interest. If you have applied to an Australian university via OzTREKK, you are eligible to apply for an OzTREKK Community Leaders Scholarship.

How are the winners selected?

The OzTREKK Scholarship Committee will select three (3) winners from eligible applicants. Selection will be based upon the student's contribution to his/her community. We are especially interested in a student's

Please note scholarship winners must

OzTREKK reserves the right to make its own judgment about what constitutes the three most deserving applications.

What is the timeline for the OzTREKK Community Leaders Scholarships?

Applications open: May 3, 2016
Applications close: October 11, 2016*
2017 Winners announced: December 16, 2016

*Please note late applications will not be considered.

When and how will winners receive their scholarships?

Scholarship winners will be notified via email on or before December 16, 2016. Winners will also be announced on Facebook. Unsuccessful applicants will not be notified.

Funds in Australian dollars will be deposited directly to the student's Australian university tuition account.

Please note the timing of the payments of funds is at the sole discretion of OzTREKK and will occur after the winning student's census date. Scholarships will not be paid in time to meet the deposit or first semester payment deadlines.

How do you apply for an OzTREKK Community Leaders Scholarship?

Applicants must submit a one-page / 500-word (no more) letter highlighting their community involvement, their leadership qualities, and their passion for their future career.

It's strongly preferred that applicants also submit a 30-second video explaining why they should be considered. We encourage you to be creative and tell us about yourself! Videos may be sent via email (or published in a Dropbox, Google Drive or other similar application) or uploaded to YouTube via the link provided in the application.

Applicants must submit their one-page letter and video to scholarship@oztrekk.com by 5 p.m. EST, Friday, October 7, 2016.


Q. How will I know OzTREKK received my scholarship application?
A. OzTREKK will send you an email within one business day confirming receipt of your scholarship application.

Q. May I apply to all three scholarships?
A. No. Scholarship candidates may apply only once. Each application is assessed for one of the $10,000, $8,000, $7,000 scholarships.

Q. If I don't go to an Australian university (defer/withdraw/change my mind), may I reapply for a scholarship?
A. The 2017 OzTREKK Community Leaders Scholarship program is intended for students who are commencing studies in 2017. You must still be enrolled at the university when the scholarship payment is made to you. The payment will be made no more than 90 days after your program's census date. If you withdraw or defer your commencement, you will no longer be eligible for the scholarship, but you are welcome to reapply the following year.

Q. May I apply to more than one Australian university and still be eligible to apply for an OzTREKK scholarship?
A. You may apply to any one (or more) of the universities which OzTREKK represents:

Bond University
Griffith University
James Cook University
Macquarie University
Monash University
University of Melbourne
University of Newcastle
University of Queensland
University of Sydney

Q. Are there any other scholarships available to study in Australia?
A. Yes, all the Australian universities offer scholarships to international students; however, the scholarships through Australian universities are limited and are quite competitive. Once you have applied via OzTREKK, you will receive resources which will provide you with more information about scholarships offered through Australian universities.

Q. Is the OzTREKK Community Leaders Scholarships available to online or distance programs offered at Australian universities?
A. No. In order to receive the OzTREKK Scholarship you must apply to and accept a full-time program offered on campus at one of the above Australian universities.

Q. May I apply to any program of study to qualify for an scholarship?
A. Yes, OzTREKK Community Leaders Scholarship are available at all OzTREKK universities and across all programs. They are for OzTREKK students interested in professional programs such as dentistry, pharmacy, physiotherapy, medicine, law, veterinary science; in any graduate program such as a master's or PhD; or in any undergraduate degrees.

Q. Is the OzTREKK Community Leaders Scholarship available only for Canadian students?
A. No. The scholarship is open to all OzTREKK students, regardless of their country of origin. OzTREKK supports both Canadian and American students or students who have studied in Canada or the United States. If you have any questions, please inquire via info@oztrekk.com.

If you have any further questions regarding OzTREKK Community Leaders Scholarships, please feel free to contact our office: 1-866-698-7355 (toll free in Canada) or scholarship@oztrekk.com .

Please read the legal terms regarding the OzTREKK Scholarships.

“I’m very excited about going to Australia for Veterinary studies. It couldn't have happened without all of OzTREKK’s help.”
Joanna Wong, BVSc,
University of Melbourne 2007
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