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Australia Fun Facts

Australia has compulsory voting for political elections. Those who do not vote are fined. Voter turn-out is about 95%.

Money matters

As a student from Canada studying at an Australian university, you will be considered an international student and are thus charged international student tuition fees.

University tuition fees for international students in Australia vary by universities and programs. Below is a list of approximate tuition fees at OzTREKK’s Australian universities:

Study Abroad programs—$8,600 - $11,000 AUD per semester
Undergraduate programs—Starting at $15,000 AUD per year
Postgraduate programs—Starting at $20,000 AUD per year

Some programs, particularly professional programs, are considerably more expensive due to costs associated with laboratory work and/or the use of specialized equipment. Please refer to the specific "Programs" page for your area of interest to review the applicable tuition fees for your program of interest.

When you request information about a specific program from OzTREKK, we will provide you with the estimated tuition fees and administrative costs for your program. Additionally, OzTREKK will provide you with information about costs associated with the student visa application, health coverage and living in Australia.

Student financing options for Canadians planning to study internationally

Canadian students have a number of financing options for study in Australia. These include scholarships for international students from Australian universities, and various loan programs and scholarships in Canada for Canadian students who wish to study internationally.

Scholarships from Australian universities

Australian universities and the Australian Federal Government offer scholarships and bursaries to international students. The majority of these are provided to students who wish to do research in Australia at the postgraduate level (e.g., Master's by Research, or PhD). A limited number of scholarships are available for students taking undergraduate programs or a general master's degree.

For professional programs, such as medicine, law, physiotherapy, and teacher education, few scholarships are available to international students, chiefly because these programs are not research-oriented.

Each university has its own policy on how scholarships are awarded. OzTREKK links our students to in-depth information about applying for Australian university scholarships.

Scholarships available to students from Canada

Finding a scholarship in Canada can feel like you’re looking for the proverbial "needle in a haystack." You must be diligent and thorough in your research. The more you explore your options and apply to as many agencies that award scholarships as you can, the better your chances.

OzTREKK has a list of key scholarships available to students from Canada. When you submit your university application to OzTREKK, you’ll get access to this list, along with a great deal of other information, through our online Pre-departure and Admissions Centre.

The Canada Student Loans Program (CSLP) and other student loan programs in Canada

In Canada, government student loans are available to eligible students, including students studying outside Canada, based on demonstrated financial need. You may be eligible for a provincial student loan as well as a loan from the federal government through the Canada Student Loans Program, which provides up to $210 per week of full-time study per loan year. Additionally, major banks and some smaller financial institutions offer student credit lines and loans, some of which are specially designed for those undertaking a professional degree and, in some cases, international study.

OzTREKK outlines your student loan options as well as the procedures involved in obtaining financing for your international studies. OzTREKK can help you during the loan application process, and we submit necessary loan application forms on your behalf to the financial aid office at your Australian university and return completed forms to the appropriate loans office.

“I would highly recommend OzTREKK to anyone wishing to study in Australia. In fact I think it would be stupid not to use the resources that this team has to offer.”
Michael Adams,
James Cook University student
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