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No place in Australia is more than 1000 km from the ocean and the beach.

How can OzTREKK offer free services?

Everyone knows you can’t get something for nothing. So how can OzTREKK give you guidance and inside information for free?

Here’s how it works.

Australian universities have student offices, like OzTREKK's, right around the world to provide personalized assistance and country-specific info. OzTREKK is funded by our Australian universities, and our services are free to students across Canada.

The select Australian universities we work with pay us because OzTREKK makes the application process easy and efficient for you, and for the universities. They’ve chosen us as their Canadian representative because they know that we’re experts in matching what you need to what they offer.

We’ve lived and travelled in Australia, and we’ve helped thousands of Canadian students find the program and the university that’s right for them. Just as important, we’ll tell you everything you need to know to make your transition to studying and living in Australia smooth and hassle free.

So that's why the universities encourage you to apply through OzTREKK. Here’s what they say about the value of our services:


OzTREKK is one of our favoured partners/representatives in Canada, and the University of Newcastle would definitely recommend that students make their application through OzTREKK.

They are a young, dynamic company with an excellent reputation in Australia, and with a strong list of Australian university partners. Within Canada, they have an excellent working relationship with the relevant Australian government agencies - Austrade, AEI, various embassy units, etc. Their Director is Australian and has an intimate knowledge of Australian education and universities.

Thus far, a large number of students have enrolled at the University of Newcastle through OzTREKK. The most notable outcome is that most students have enjoyed their experience but, most importantly, succeeded academically… Furthermore, OzTREKK are strong advocates of their students both before and after their admission.
Alex Tagaroulias, Regional Marketing Manager, Newcastle International
University of Newcastle


The services that OzTREKK provides Canadian students choosing to study in Australia are fantastic. OzTREKK staff are very familiar with Australia as well as the specifics of JCU - from how to get around in our campus cities of Townsville and Cairns, to how to apply, what degrees are on offer, JCU strengths and reputation, visa application information, and recognition of your degree when you return to Canada.
Lisa Cowan, Deputy Director, Future Students,
Division of Global Strategy and Engagement, James Cook University


OzTREKK provide exceptional customer service to students who attend Bond University. They respond quickly to enquiries and have a lot of experience with working in Canada and working with students wanting to study in Australia. OzTREKK is also founded by Australians so they are familiar with the education system and culture.
Helen Armitage, Manager, International Programs, Office of Admissions, Bond University


The knowledge that OzTREKK staff have regarding UQ programs, in addition to the professionalism that they demonstrate whilst working with both students and University staff, is impressive and a credit to their agency. The University very much values the important relationship with OzTREKK…
David Bunyan, Deputy Manager, International Marketing,
International Education Directorate, University of Queensland

You get the idea. Click here to learn about the many ways OzTREKK helps you—for free!

“I’m very excited about going to Australia for Veterinary studies. It couldn't have happened without all of OzTREKK’s help.”
Joanna Wong, BVSc,
University of Melbourne 2007
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